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Born In My Heart Art Auction….Coming Soon!

Love Without Boundaries Wants You…

to help us keep making a difference in the lives of children!

Join us for our 7th annual Born in My Heart art auction to be held April 22-27, 2010.

For six years running, LWB has held its annual Born In My Heart art auction to raise awareness – and funds – for children in China’s orphanages. These children need life-saving surgeries and often have no one to advocate for them.

Thanks to the generosity of last year’s art auction participants, four precious children – Kathy, Dessie, Melanie (also known as Mei) and Yvonne (our “spokesmodel” in the photo above!) – were healed and now have bright futures ahead of them. See their sweet faces below:

Kathy, before and after

Dessie, before and after

Melanie (also known as Mei), before and after

Won’t you help us save and improve the lives of more children this year? For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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