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Brace Yourself…

Yes, it’s another one of our beautiful Heartbridge babies. If you were there in person, you’d need nerves of steel to keep from scooping up little Kaleb for a hug and a kiss!

Kaleb is one of two babies now being treated for bilateral club feet at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. He arrived in May at the age of three months and went through a total of 11 Ponseti casting procedures to help straighten his feet. In September, Kaleb was able to switch from casts to braces, which he must wear 24 hours a day through the end of this month. After that, he will only need braces at night for the next three years. Imagine how good it will feel to finally stretch out those legs!

Kaleb will be moving into our Shunyi foster care program this month. Heartbridge is also located in Shunyi, so his doctor can continue to monitor Kaleb’s progress…and sneak in a few extra hugs and kisses!

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