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Brandon: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Brandon from our Believe in Me orphanage school in Huainan is three years old and was born with a form of dwarfism. His teachers tell us that he’s smart and funny and loves to make people laugh.

Brandon 3.16

Since entering our Believe in Me school at the end of 2014, we have truly seen Brandon come out of his shell.

Brandon1Brandon at age two

Once a very serious boy, we now see him smiling in nearly every photo!

Brandon likes to color and enjoys playdough, making all sorts of shapes. He follows directions well and can now match colors, shapes and objects.  Art is always a fun activity for him!

Brandon 2.16

In the morning, Brandon loves welcoming his classmates. In addition to playing nicely with his friends, he also plays well independently.  He is said to be a good helper and is always willing to put the toys away. 

Brandon 8.15

One of Brandon’s favorite times of the day is story time and his favorite book is Ten Rubber Ducks.  After reading, he likes to imitate the ducks walking and quacking.

Brandon reading 2015

Brandon participates in all the morning exercises. He has some extra obstacles because of his small stature, but doesn’t let that stop him. He won’t stop until he can do it!

Brandon morning exercises 2015

Now that Brandon is talking more, he tends to follow his teachers around telling them about his day and special friends. Clearly, one of Brandon’s best friends is Ryan. These two boys are often seen together!

Ryan Brandon CNY 2.16

Brandon seems to have such a sweet, indomitable spirit!

Brandon Ryan BIM Huainan 3.16

We are so grateful that Brandon has the opportunity to learn and be cared for in our Believe in Me school.  However, he needs several additional sponsors to continue to make this learning opportunity possible.  Becoming one of Brandon’s education sponsors is $25 per month, and sponsors will receive quarterly reports and photos of this darling, charming little guy!

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