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Brandon the Whistleblower

Brandon is a lively and sweet three-year-old boy with a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate who has been in the Shantou Foster Care program for almost a year now. If you were to visit his foster home, you’d likely find Brandon enjoying a good game of hide-and-seek with his little friends, or maybe staying close beside his foster mom as she goes about the day’s housework—he loves to “help” with the daily chores as most three-year-olds do.

Brandon is a very observant little boy, and perhaps he could be called the household whistleblower, as he makes a point of letting his foster mom know when one of the other children is getting into mischief!

Brandon learned how to ride a little tricycle a few months ago, and now riding his beloved trike is one of his favorite activities. His foster mom reports that she can tell when Brandon is really happy about something, because he rides his tricycle around as quickly as he can to show just how happy and excited he is!

We were happy and excited to see that Brandon is now on the Waiting Child shared list. Please let us know if you might like more information about him!

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