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Bran’s Heart

Without a doubt, February 14th has come to be synonymous with candy, love, and hearts. Whether you are anxiously awaiting this Friday or dreading everything about the day of love, we at LWB want to tell you about a very special little boy whose heart issues need all the love we can give.

Baby Bran

Little Bran was found last April with a box of medicine beside him and a note that he had congenital heart disease. One of our team members happened to be at the orphanage the day he arrived, and so Bran was immediately moved to our Anhui Healing Home to get the TLC he needed to prepare him for open heart surgery. Medical exams showed that Bran had an extremely complex heart, including Transposition of the Great Arteries, Pulmonary Atresia, Complete Endocardial Cushion Defect, VSD, and ASD. That’s a lot of labels for one tiny heart.

Bran enter

Bran received his first stage shunt procedure last summer, thanks to your wonderful support. As he settled into life with his loving nannies, it was clear that he still struggled with feeling tired and being short of breath. We remained hopeful, however, that he could wait until he was chosen for adoption to receive the much more complex second surgery his heart issues require.

Bran was moved recently to our Heartbridge Healing Home so that his health could be closely monitored. This month, however, little Bran started showing clear signs of heart failure. He cannot wait for his adoption file to be prepared; Bran needs to be moved for surgery as soon as possible in order to save his life.

12-13 Bran 3

This Valentine’s Day, we are asking you to please consider giving the most wonderful gift of all – the gift of life – to this beautiful little boy.

Bran’s next surgery will be a complex one, and the estimated cost is high at $18,500. But we know amazing things happen when people join together in love. Bran only needs 925 people to donate $20 each, or just 370 people to donate $50 each, and he can receive the operation he needs. Donations in any amount are welcome, and we invite you to visit Bran’s sponsor page if your heart is moved to help heal his.

February 14 is known for love. Let’s show little Bran just how loved he is and give him this precious chance at life.

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most meaningful way — with a gift from our hearts to his.

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