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Bravo to Bethel

It always warms our hearts when organizations in China pull together to help kids in need.

Ronan 1

Over the past year, three children with vision issues who were previously in LWB programs have moved  to the care of Bethel China. Bethel provides highly specialized care for children with vision issues of all severities in a loving, home-like environment. We shared the stories of these three kids shortly after they moved to Bethel. We recently received an update, so we thought you might like to see how well these kids are doing.

Ronan, previously in our Huainan Believe In Me School, was featured in our blog as The Little Artist. Ronan moved to Bethel and thrived. While there, he moved up a class in school because he was learning faster than the other kids his age!

Ronan is no longer at Bethel for the best of reasons: He and his foster sister, who lived together at Bethel for eight months, were adopted together in May.

Ronan 2Ronan

This is a photo of when Ronan met his Mom. He looked at her and said, “I love you,” in English and then jumped straight into her arms! Ronan loves being a brother, too.


Finian, also from Huainan, is doing great. He is a hilarious little boy who makes his caretakers laugh so much. He loves to sing and dance!  Fin is in the Woodpecker class in his preschool at Bethel. He is a friendly and funny boy, and his teachers at Bethel have seen him come out of his shell to become an active and helpful character!  Fin has a little bit of vision and is waiting for a cornea transplant.

Petra 1Petra

Petra from Changzhi has been at Bethel for almost a year now. She is in preschool, and her caretakers have loved seeing the transformation from a shy and scared little girl to a beautiful little lady.  Her hair is growing longer, and she loves wearing pretty dresses. Petra also loves her teachers and is happy to go to preschool every day.

We hope all this good news leaves you feeling happy this Friday!

Congratulations to these children for doing so well, and thank you to Bethel for such great care.

Learn more about adopting a child with vision issues at AdoptSpecialNeeds.org

To learn more about Bethel China, please visit their website or Facebook Page.

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