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Breast Milk for Baby Glen

This fall, a baby was abandoned in Guizhou with a terribly bloated abdomen. His orphanage contacted us for help, and we agreed to get him medical care. We moved that baby, whom we named Glen, to the hospital.

Glen 9.9.15

Glen’s doctors originally thought that he had a bowel obstruction, but then they realized he just has severe allergies to baby formula.

Glen belly

A woman in the hospital room next to his with a baby of her own was convinced to breastfeed him; her breast milk caused his stomach to return to normal.


When the woman left the hospital with her own baby, Glen unfortunately had to go back on a synthetic formula designed for babies with severe allergies. Glen has since returned to his orphanage. While he has been managing on the synthetic formula, he really does much better with breast milk.


Because of this, the orphanage director worked hard and was able to find a kind local woman willing to provide breast milk for Glen.


Would you like to help fund breast milk for Glen? A month’s supply costs $250. Your one-time donation in any amount, or your monthly donation of $25 or more, will help Glen receive a healthy start in life.

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