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Brent: Love Starts Here


Babies come to our healing homes because they are medically fragile. Brent is one of our tinier healing home residents. He is having trouble with weight gain due to anal atresia, a heart condition, and a defect of his larynx that makes breathing a real workout. Sucking a bottle takes too much energy out of Brent and as a result, our nannies are tube-feeding him until he gets stronger.


Needless to say, the quality of formula Brent receives is very important. Specialized formula that is easy to digest and packed with calories and nutrients comes at a high price in China.

We are pleased to report that Brent is gaining weight (14 ounces in just two weeks) and is getting stronger! He now has energetic kicks and can roll from side to side. He also can hold his head up properly when being held up and walked around the healing home.


Would you like to be a part of Brent’s continued blossoming? Sponsors of the Healing Home Formula Fund help guarantee that nutritious formula will keep flowing to Brent and the healing homes’ other medically fragile babies!

Love certainly is a full tummy – and we thank you for helping us ensure that every baby in our care gets the best start possible.

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