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Brent: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Near the end of June, our Heartbridge Healing Home welcomed Brent, a two-week-old boy who had been born with left hand and arm differences, plus two small holes in his heart.

Brent intake 6.23.16

We are hopeful that those holes will close on their own, but Brent’s hand could use a little medical intervention. He is missing a bone from his forearm, and a wrist deformity is causing his hand to bend at an awkward angle. In addition, Brent is missing his thumb on that hand.

During his first month at Heartbridge, Brent learned that a loud cry will bring his nanny running with a warm bottle or change of diaper. He is easily quieted in her arms and generally settles right down once his needs are met. Little by little, Brent is becoming curious about his world and likes to be placed on his side so he can look around the room as he drifts off to sleep.

Brent gained a whopping three pounds in July, and we are very pleased with his progress! He unfortunately seems to have his days and nights turned around, but his nanny enjoys the extra one-on-one time at night while the other babies are sleeping. Brent will return to the hospital soon to check up on his heart and get started on bracing or surgery for his arm and hand.

Brent 8.16
Baby Brent is still in need of additional sponsors to support his care at Heartbridge. Healing Home sponsorships are $50 per month, and all sponsors will receive monthly photos and updates on his progress. Click below if you would like to help Brent through these early months of his life’s journey.

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