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Brent, Preparing for Surgery

Brent is coming up on his very first birthday! Now that he is almost one year old, doctors feel it is time for him to have corrective surgery.

Brent was born with a short left arm and a wrist deformity which made his wrist turn at a 90-degree angle from his arm. After arriving at our Heartbridge Healing Home at just a few weeks of age, he was examined by an orthopedic surgeon who felt Brent needed to be older before he had surgery to straighten his wrist and make it more functional.

The Heartbridge nannies have been massaging Brent’s wrist daily, which has helped a bit. He has been busy charming them with his silly expressions and sweet personality, and he is completely doted upon by all the Heartbridge staff.

We are working to raise $1,200 for the remainder of Brent’s corrective surgery costs and hospital care. Your donation in any amount will help Brent receive this surgery and will have a profound impact on the quality of the rest of his life!

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