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Briella: Cleft Surgery for a Nomadic Family

Although we have done some work on the Tibetan Plateau through our Unity Initiative, we recently received our first application from a Mongolian family living there:  Briella and her mom. Briella’s mother is a nomadic herder on the remote grasslands of Qinghai province. During the summer, mother and daughter live in a tent as they follow a herd of grazing yaks. In the winter, when temperatures can get to -30 Celsius, they live in an earthen house with other herders in a remote village.

Briella’s mom is single, and she never had the opportunity to go to school or to learn to read. As you can imagine, her income is extremely low. The tent in which Briella and her mom live in the summer has no electricity except for a small solar-powered battery pack.

This past winter, Briella came into the world with the special need of a cleft lip, and since that time her mother has devoted herself to the care of her young daughter.  However, due to their meager circumstances, her mom has been unable to afford the cost for the needed cleft operation. LWB has pledged to help this family with surgery and travel to the hospital, which we estimate will cost $2,300.

We are quite honored to have the opportunity to help this family and in fact are arranging surgery as quickly as possible.  We were first given the message that the family needed help by someone who had been traveling in the remote region.  By the time he had journeyed out of the grasslands and back to a town where he could contact us, however, the mother and her daughter already had to move on.  When we asked him to go back and deliver the message that we would of course help Briella with her facial surgery, he was unable to find the mother again and had to begin a search for where they had gone.  Now that we know their exact location once again, we are getting them to XiAn (where the surgery will be done) right away.

Will you join with us to give Briella the chance for healing and a better life? Donations of $5, $10, $25 or higher are now being accepted on Briella’s behalf to provide her with life-changing cleft surgery. Thank you for giving this beautiful little girl the opportunity to be healed!

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