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Bring Water, Bring Hope

Without water, there is no life. All humans need it to drink, cook, wash, and grow food. Can you imagine having to work for literally every drop?

Since beginning our work in Uganda, we realized that improving access to water is key to transforming the lives of the kids who attend our Believe In Me Kabale school. Children as young as four years old spend anywhere from two to four hours a day on treacherous mountain paths to reach the only natural source of water. Many leave their homes before it is even light with a yellow jerry can on their head to begin the trek to get water, having to turn around and do it all again in the afternoon before the sun goes down. (Read a detailed account of the daily trek for water in Amy Eldridge’s blog from last year:  Uganda:  Part Three).

Think about what could happen if children and mothers did not have to spend one-sixth of their day obtaining water. Older children could have time to eat breakfast and attend a full day of school. Little ones would have more time to play and would be less likely to be injured on the trek to get water. General sanitation and hygiene could be improved for all children.

To celebrate one full year of working in Uganda, we are kicking off our anniversary campaign: Bring Water, Bring Hope.

In the past year, we have learned that home water collection systems such as this rainwater collection tank can be life-changing for families in places like Karukoba Village. Our dream is to raise money to purchase enough home water collection systems for 100 families. We hope that our friends and supporters will partner with us to make this dream a reality!

Each home water collection system costs $200. A $200 investment in the life of a family which will impact their children for years to come.

From now until August 26, we would like to challenge and inspire you to work with your friends, family, classes, churches, and community to raise the funds to purchase one of these rainwater tanks for every child’s family in the village. Please consider funding an entire system or joining with others to split the cost.

Our Bring Water, Bring Hope campaign is a real, tangible way to transform the lives of children in Karukoba Village. We can’t wait to share photos of families receiving their home water collection systems and describing how their lives have been affected.

In Karukoba Village, no one takes water for granted. Please join us in bringing real HOPE to these wonderful kids by bringing WATER to their homes!

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