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Bringing Water, Bringing Hope: You Made It Happen!

Over the summer, we introduced you to some of the children in a rural village in western Uganda who were having to walk several hours down a dangerous mountain path each day to get water. We researched many ways to help a make a difference in their lives, and village leaders agreed that rainwater harvesting could have a big impact on their community. We set a goal to provide 100 family water units to children in the village during our Bring Water, Bring Hope campaign, and we’re thrilled to report that you exceeded that dream!

As of today, 114 family water units have been distributed, and we wanted to share just a few stories of how the children felt when getting your special gift.

Grace’s family is one of the first families in Karukoba Village to receive their rainwater collection tank. Grace can now be spared the hours she spends each day going down the mountain for water and spend it playing, sleeping, studying…or just being a kid.

When a rainwater tank was delivered to Daniel’s family, Daniel jumped around cheering. “Even if I don’t have to go to the river for a whole week, that’s enough!” he said. “It will be a real holiday for us!”

Daniel and his little sister Mary haven’t seen their dad in over a year since he left the family to work on a farm. Mary’s first thought was about how surprised her dad would be when he came home to find a brand new rainwater collection system — just for his family.

Gabby’s family lives in a very steep, rocky area that makes the daily trek for water particularly difficult. Tragically, Gabby’s father died falling off the side of a cliff as he was bringing water home one evening.

Gabby’s mom was so thankful for the tank that will help her and her children water their fruit trees every morning and evening. Gabby always tries to come to school in a clean uniform, but of course keeping her uniform clean means more water must be collected for laundry. Now that her family has access to water at home, it will mean less time hiking for water and more time for her studies — which is really these families’ only way to escape the poverty in which they live.

Nicholas’ mom was absolutely stunned when our manager delivered the rainwater tank to her family. Never in her life has she imagined that it would be possible to have water right in her very own home.

This mom of eight tells us that all of her children have had to work very hard to fetch water, not only for their own large family but for their elderly grandma. Now she has a new hope for her baby girl. “This one is not going to spend her life fetching water, ” she said. “This one is coming to study.” Those words are music to our ears!

Please know how very grateful we are to everyone who gave to our Bring Water, Bring Hope campaign. Access to water is such a basic human right, and we truly appreciate everyone who stepped forward to help.

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