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Britt’s Quilts for China

A few months ago Britt found out that she was going to get a new cousin. This is not so unusual until you hear the story of her Aunt and Uncle and their family. You see they already have a big family. George, DJ, Sarah, Luke, Carrie, Mark, Christy and Mom and Dad. The story starts almost two years ago when Sarah was invited on a trip to China with a family who was going to adopt a young girl.

As she was preparing for this trip Sarah’s mom Suzanne began thinking about children. She could take on another child and raise her. Maybe she could even take two. When she approached her husband Darrell he was a little taken back. They decided that this was the path they should take. The ball was in their court and Suzanne ran with it. After a lot of work and prayers they were given notice that Li Wan was waiting for them in China. Eight year old Christy (Li Wan) became an adopted member of their family in August of 2006.
When the news came that their second child was ready to be adopted, Britt was asked if she would like to send a few quilts to the orphanage where her new cousin was coming from. Britt responded with this project. She presented her ideas to her church youth group and they wanted to help also. So on a Wednesday night in November of 2007 , ten girls and eight leaders came to the church gym armed with fabric, batting, sewing machines, and chocolate.
During this one evening 30 quilts were made for children who were residing at 3 different orphanages in China. The quilts were then quilted by another Aunt. Rocky Mountain Quilters, a local quilt guild also lovingly made and donated another 20 quilts.
All of these quilts were sent to Suzanne who packed them into airtight bags and put them into boxes for mailing to two of the orphanages and in her luggage for their adopted daughter‘s orphanage. Suzanne, Darrell and Christy left for China with Britt’s quilts and came back with a nine year old girl named Gracie. Along this journey many lives have been changed for the better.
The world is truly a wonderful place when people work together to help others!

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