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Brody: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tiny Brody is the newest addition to our Heartbridge family. He was born in late November with a serious abdominal blockage. By the time Brody came into orphanage care a week later, he was in critical condition. Fortunately LWB’s medical team was able to arrange for emergency surgery the very next day. While our volunteers awaited news on Brody’s condition, we all hoped and prayed that this sweet baby boy would survive.

Brody not only made it through surgery, he surprised everyone by recovering in record time. After just ten days in the hospital, Brody was able to be discharged to our Heartbridge Healing Home to continue healing. Brody needs frequent small feedings, lots of sleep, and plenty of TLC to help him grow and thrive. This is where you come into the picture: You can help make a huge impact on Brody’s life through your sponsorship of $25 or $50 per month. We will provide monthly photos and updates on Brody’s progress so you can follow his story and see for yourself what a difference you are making in his life. Won’t you help Brody have his chance for health and happiness?

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