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Brody, Thriving in Foster Care

“Everyone likes sweet Brody!”


What a wonderful thing to read about a child in a foster care report.  This beautiful boy has been part of our foster care program in Guizhou for one year now and has fit right in with his foster family that includes two adoring older sisters and a baby foster brother.


Described as well-behaved and adorable, Brody is lively and active. However, he can be shy around strangers (especially strangers with cameras!)


At just 29 months old, Brody is said to enjoy helping his foster family tidy up. He keeps his toys picked up and cleans up from dinner.  Brody is not a picky eater and is said to enjoy many traditional Chinese dishes.


One of his favorite activities is riding his tricycle outdoors. This sweet boy is also creative and has a wonderful imagination. He loves drawing and reading.


Watching children’s television programs is another favorite activity.  He especially likes quiz shows like “Super Star Ding Dong” and gets so excited when he hears it coming on!

Life with a foster family has helped Brody experience all of these things:  quiz shows, riding a tricycle, reading books, getting along with siblings and even participating in family chores.  All of these things contribute to him being part of a family — something we like to think of as training wheels for when Brody will one day join his forever family!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Thanks very much for your interest in Brody. In June, we heard that Brody had been chosen for adoption! If you have questions about any other adoption-related questions, you can email our Adoption Advocacy Team at [email protected].

  • JMeadows says:

    Hi, is little Brody still available for adoption? My husband and I would love to bring him home!

  • Dmbutts says:

    Hi, Is Brody available for adoption yet? If yes, is he on the Rainbow Kids page? Also, I think his Foster Mother may be the same Foster Mother my 14 year old daughter from Nanning had. I tried to write to her and her two older “young adult” daughters years ago but have never heard anything so I don’t think they received my pictures and mail. I have an address but it is in Cantonese/Mandarin. Is there a way I can find out if this is her? I would love to thank her and show her what a beautiful young lady my daughter has become. Please e-mail me if possible. TIA. –Dawn Butts