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Brody’s Rebound

In December 2011 an orphanage in Guizhou Province received an infant boy born with anal atresia. He was nearly a week old, and, without the medical treatment he should have had at birth, this little fellow was in critical condition.

LWB’s China staff was called, and they managed to get “Brody” in for surgery the very next morning. Following surgery and recovery, Brody came to LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home to rest and prepare for his next important operation.

Recovery did not go as smoothly as hoped, and Brody suffered setback after setback until he was finally strong enough for an additional, complicated surgery eight months later. Fast forward another eight months, and we get the joy of seeing the most beautiful little boy! At 16 months old, Brody is cheerfully talking, walking, and even dancing his way into the heart of each person he meets. He will soon be ready for discharge into LWB’s Foster Care Program, and we will then be able to welcome another little one to take up residence in Brody’s crib.

As hard as it will be to say goodbye to this little charmer, it will also be a joyous occasion as he takes one more dancing step toward a forever family. Have a wonderful life, Brody!

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