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Bronwyn: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Children are like flowers, water them daily with love and watch them bloom.– Anonymous

Change can be difficult for everyone. For a child in an institution, however, new experiences — even positive ones — can be especially hard.  That was the case for sweet eight-year-old Bronwyn who joined our Believe in Me orphanage school in Jinjiang last fall.

Bronwyn was warmly welcomed into the school, but she was a little uncertain at first and not quite ready to fully join in with all the activities. Her teachers reported that she cried easily and often.

With a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Bronwyn faced the additional challenges with some of her fine and gross motor skills. Patiently, her teachers provided her with activities that would help her gain strength and grow in confidence and ability.

It took some time for her to adjust to new friends and a new school environment, but by the beginning of this calendar year, we started to see amazing changes in Browyn. Her smile radiated joy from her photos, and she looked so much more comfortable participating in all the school activities.

Throughout 2016, Bronwyn has continued to blossom. Her teachers report that her fine motor skills have improved, and she has much greater strength and motor control. She is learning to share more readily with classmates and she participates actively in all the classroom activities.

We are so happy that the Believe in Me Jinjiang school has been able to provide such a warm and welcoming environment where Bronwyn can grow!

Bronwyn, we think you are a superstar, and we are cheering you on!

If you would like to follow Bronwyn’s continued progress in school, please consider sponsoring her for $25 per month. We are so grateful that she is able to be part of our school!

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