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Brynna’s Smile

With LWB’s upcoming cleft trip around the corner, we thought you might enjoy reading the story of one of our supporters whose daughter received cleft surgery. 


Brynna is a girl on the move. She loves kindergarten and her teddy bear and her best friend Maggie. She dances down the hallways at school every day and greets everyone–students and teachers–with a “Hi, what’s your name?” Everyone knows her, and everyone loves her. And all agree that Brynna has the best smile they have ever seen.


It wasn’t always that way for her. Brynna was born with a severe cleft lip and palate . . . so severe that feeding was extremely difficult. She fell behind in growth and lagged in development. Around the age of two, her lip was repaired, making eating a lot easier. She began to grow and gain weight. And by the time the Love Without Boundaries Team came in 2005, Brynna was ready. Thanks to the wonderful team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers, Brynna had her palate repaired.  As a matter of fact, she led the way for all the little ones being cared for on that trip. The blog from that day shows Brynna, the first patient, smiling as she waits.


It is no small feat to change a life. But those kind and caring folks who provided funds to sponsor her care did just that. And they didn’t just change her life . . . they saved her life.


Today, Brynna dances down the halls with “the best smile” anyone has ever seen.


Thank you,

Brynna’s mom


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