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Bundled Up for Winter in Gansu

Brrrrr! Chinese winters can be bitterly cold, especially in the northern province of Gansu. Last month, our foster care manager delivered new winter coats and hats to children in our foster care program in Lanzhou, and big sister Lilah convinced her little friend Maiana to bundle up.

“I can’t even move my arms!”

Maiana decided she’d had enough of hiding behind her scarf and popped out as if to say, “It’s me!”

It may be cold outside, but Maiana’s sweet smile is enough to warm up even the coldest of hearts.

Lilah, who is 11 years old, enjoys helping and seems to truly love younger children. She has a younger foster sister, Olivia, and we are so proud of big sis Lilah for taking such great care of her as well as playing with the other younger kids in our foster care program.

Lilah and Olivia


Now, Lilah is waiting for her turn to be adopted. She has lived with a foster family for years, and her foster mother has been able to do some home schooling as Lilah wasn’t able to attend public school until several months ago.  Lilah is said to love the social aspects of school, and her teachers tell us that math is her best subject.

Lilah warms our hearts with her love and care for the younger ones around her. We truly hope 2017 is her year to come home!

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  • Brett says:

    Really praying that Lilah is adopted: You can tell she’s wonderful and an old soul.

    May I send this link to No Hands But Ours? Unless she hasn’t a file. Thank you for this post.