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Bursting With Pride for Our Graduates!

We are so proud of two of our most recent graduates from LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program: Jia Yi and Cui! Both of these amazing young adults had life stacked against them as older orphaned children who never received the opportunity for adoption, no parents to tell them to study and help with their homework, and no finances to pay for their college tuition.

Jia YiJia Yi


LWB was honored to be able to step in to provide financial assistance and encouragement to these amazing young people and play a small part in helping them succeed. The letters of encouragement from their sponsors provided incentive for Jia Yi and Cui to do well in school, as they knew someone was paying attention to their grades, their successes, and their potential failures – and they didn’t want to let their sponsors down.

Let us down? Never! These young people succeeded in graduating from college programs in computers and nursing, and we are so excited for their futures ahead of them! We are truly grateful for the wonderful sponsors of our Secondary and Higher Education Program who make these successes possible!

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