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Cadence: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Little Cadence was admitted to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home in the fall of 2012 with a heart condition. Under the watchful care of the healing home nannies, she gained weight and was well enough to undergo surgery in December to repair her heart.

Cadence has continued to recover well post-surgery and will be ready to be moved to LWB’s Foster Care Program at the end of March, when the weather warms up a little.

Cadence loves to be picked up by her nannies at the healing home. When they walk past, she is sure to start fussing so that they will stop and pick her up. When she is picked up, she grabs on to the nanny’s clothing and holds on tightly.

This beautiful young girl will require three sponsors of $35 per month each to cover her foster care expenses. Sponsors will receive monthly reports and photos of Cadence and will get to watch as she settles into family life with a foster family in her home town. Please consider giving the love of a family to Cadence, allowing this sweet girl to continue to grow and thrive.

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