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When she was approximately six weeks old, Caitlin arrived at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) with a fever and congestion.

Caitlin 8.15

She not only struggled with taking in enough nutrition due to her cleft lip and palate, but she also struggled to stay healthy. The loving nannies at AHH immediately set off to change things for the better for Caitlin.

Caitlin_2015-08-09 (1)

Responding to proper nutrition, administered through patient feedings, Caitlin started to gain weight rapidly. She grew to depend on her nannies and learned that they responded to her needs when she called.


After several months at AHH, Caitlin was ready for her cleft lip repair surgery.

Caitlin_2015-09-02(hosp) (2)

She came through the surgery seamlessly, and has returned to AHH for post-operative healing.

Thanks to her team of loyal LWB sponsors, she is so healthy and on track developmentally that she will be ready to join a loving foster family very soon.

Caitlin_2015-09-24 (12)

Hooray for Caitlin! We will miss her sweet face in our healing home but look forward to seeing her blossom in family care.

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