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Caleb: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

The cuteness is almost too much to stand.

Caleb 12.15

Little Caleb from our foster care program in Lanzhou has the sweetest, most winsome smile! Caleb was born prematurely and is quite small for a three-year-old.

Caleb 1.16

Since coming to foster care in December of last year, he has already gained four pounds. We think he must really like his foster mom’s cooking as she says that he eats well and isn’t at all picky. Way to go, Caleb!

Caleb 2.16

You can see that Caleb really loves riding on his little reindeer. His foster parents report that sometimes the wheels fall off. When this happens, Caleb immediately gets off the bike and turns it upside down to fix it. This clever boy is able to put the wheels back on by himself!

Caleb2 1.16

Our foster care manager noticed that Caleb was very cautious around strangers. Then, Caleb’s foster parents told them that Caleb was worried that he was going to be taken back to the orphanage. Of course, allowing children to grow up in a family environment as opposed to an institutional setting is one of the main reasons we are happy that Caleb and other children like him are able to join foster families!

Would you consider sponsoring Caleb in foster care? We want him to feel safe and secure where he is — in the heart of a loving and understanding foster family!

Sponsorship is $40 per month, and of course sponsors receive monthly photos and reports.  Thank you for considering becoming part of Caleb’s life story!

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