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Callie’s Journey to a Family in China


Found on a cold February morning weighing just over three pounds, preemie Callie was brought to an orphanage in eastern China. They called us immediately for assistance, and Callie was admitted to the hospital for emergency medical care.

Callie_2015-03-07 (16)

Just a few shorts week later, Callie had gained the strength she needed to be discharged from the hospital to our Anhui Healing Home weighing just 1.9 kgs.  We watched her grow stronger, from a tiny preemie who could barely stay awake to a cheeky little monkey, full of smiles and fun.

Callie monkey 9.15

After ten months of careful feedings and lots of love from our healing home nannies, Callie was ready to graduate from healing home care.

Callie_2015-12-7 (8)

It was time for her to take the next step on her journey in life and to experience life with a family!

Callie 1.16

Callie began living with a family in our foster care program and quickly became attached to her foster grandmother. Always lively and active, she seemed to thrive there, and we were pleased to see her continuing to gain weight — her main job as a baby!

Callie adoption 3.16

We are so happy to announce that just a few weeks ago, Callie was chosen for adoption by a local family in her home province and is now a treasured daughter who will spend her life in her birth culture of China.

Callie with her new family 3.16.16

Domestic adoption continues to grow in China, and in the last few months we have seen almost as many domestic adoptions from our programs as we have international ones.

Callie, we are so thankful we were able to play a part in your life story, and we wish you and your new parents the very best!

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