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Calling All Educators!

Do you work with children with special educational needs? If so, we would love to have your best tips, suggestions, and ideas for helping these incredible kids reach their fullest potential!

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Special Education is not readily available in China, and we want to help teachers like those in our Believe in Me orphanage schools who work with children of all levels and abilities have a multitude of ideas and inspiration at their fingertips. Within the next few weeks, LWB will be launching our new Education Resource website in China. This website will be available to our Believe In Me school teachers as well as anyone else working with children in China.

BIM Shaoguan class 2015

Our Education Resource website will include thematic lesson plans as well as information on educating children with a variety of medical and cognitive needs, classroom management, and ideas for activities. We’ve been very busy working with our volunteer translators to get all of this valuable information translated into Chinese for teachers’ use in China.

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But our dreams are big, and we want to offer even more! More lesson plans, more ideas, more suggestions and tips — more of everything and anything that would help teachers provide opportunities for children of all abilities to learn, and grow, and explore.

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If you would like to help orphaned or impoverished children in China get excited about learning and fulfill their potential, here is an opportunity to do just that.

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Are you a teacher, or do you homeschool your children? We would love to have you send in your favorite thematic lesson plans (including photos of any activities) covering the areas of:

1. Literacy
2. Math
3. Science
4. Art
5. Music and Movement
6. Outdoor Activities

Martin Spencer BIM Qingyang 9.15

Lesson plans can be for any age group (please specify) or for multiple ages.

All submissions should be submitted to curriculum@lwbmail.com and need to be free of any copyrights or restrictions on use. Photos submitted will be posted to the internet with no restrictions on download. LWB reserves the right to edit, alter or change any items submitted prior to posting to the website.

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We hope you’ll dream big with us and help us enhance the classroom experience for our teachers and most importantly, the children!

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