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Can You Be a Child’s Special Valentine?

In every orphanage in China , children in need of heart surgery wait. Every breath labored, every movement an effort. They wait….

Each year Love Without Boundaries’ “Born in My Heart” Art Auction raises funds for these precious children. Children who wait for surgeries that will allow them to breath easily and move without effort. Lifesaving surgeries that will allow these little hearts to live a normal life.

Yu is one of these precious children, struggling and waiting for our help. Yu was born with multiple serious heart defects. She is only 15 months old, and her first months of life have been a daily struggle for survival. Her lips and fingers are blue, as her heart cannot get enough oxygen throughout her tiny body. But there is hope for Yu. There are surgeries available that can heal her heart, and can allow her to lead the normal, healthy life every child deserves. Yu is running out of time. She is in desperate need of surgery. The “Born In My Heart” Art Auction can help raise the funds necessary to save the lives of children just like Yu.

Last year, the “Born In My Heart” Art Auction gave several children a chance at life. Little Xiao is one of those children. When we first found out about Xiao, he was only 6 months old. He, like little Yu, was very blue from lack of oxygen. Xiao had a long list of complicated heart defects, and he would not survive without intervention. His situation was very urgent, and he needed to be hospitalized immediately. Born In My Heart funds gave us the opportunity to provide Xiao with heart surgery and a fighting chance at life. His surgery was a great success, and just look at him now! He is a healthy 15 month old little charmer who loves to cruise around in his walker and is full of smiles.

Xiao is not the only child helped by Born In My Heart funds. Look at the faces of these other precious children: Yue, Qun, Xin, Guo, Yang, and DaiYu all received heart surgeries funded in part or whole by the Born In My Heart Art Auction.

You can offer Yu and other children an opportunity for essential heart surgery and give them the gift of life. What better time to extend your heart than at Valentine’s Day?

Please consider being a child’s special Valentine this year by donating to the “Born In My Heart” auction. Items with a theme of China or China Adoption are needed. Artwork, photographs, jewelry, books, music, dvd’s, quilts, scrolls….the possibilities are endless. Perhaps your FCC, DTC or play group would be willing to join hands and donate an item or a themed basket.

Here are some examples of donated items from past auctions:

If you have questions, please email us at auction@lwbmail.com

This year’s eBay auction will take place April 23 – 28th.
Deadline for donations is April 1st.

Every penny raised will go to heal a precious child’s heart, giving them the opportunity to thrive and grow strong and just perhaps, find a family of their very own that they can hug effortlessly.

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  • More says:


    Interesting and fun! Thanks a million-Sarah Jane….

  • Ana says:

    Hello! The babys beautiful, special. My sobrina Berta sufre fisura labial y palatina y pronto será operada en Valladolid. ES lo más bonito del mundo, igual que estos niños. Estaba muy malita cuando la trajo mi hermana pero ahora está fenomenal. Mi hermana la rescató y berta nos rescató a nosotros, porque nos ha conquistado los corazones, nos da mucha alegría a nosotros y a sus primitos…