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When ten-month-old Carolyn cries, she turns blue due to pulmonary hypertension. This heart defect should have been treated when she was between the ages of three to six months, and every day that passes without surgery is a risk and could lead to permanent complications. Soon, Carolyn’s heart could become unrepairable.

Carolyn 8.15

Carolyn is being raised by grandparents in rural Henan province. They were dismayed to learn about her very serious heart defect and were of course concerned because they knew that heart surgery was very expensive — certainly beyond their limited means.

Carolyn House

Carolyn’s grandparents are very poor but thrifty. They did not have enough money to buy shoes for her but instead made them for her by hand using materials that they found.

Carolyn Handmade Shoes

Despite their poverty, they are committed to raising her. We are so happy that they learned about our Unity Initiative and asked for assistance in getting their beloved child the assistance she needs.

Carolyn grandparents 8.15

Please consider helping Carolyn and her grandparents have the future together that they all deserve! Donations in any amount are welcome.

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