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Cassie’s Transformation

Cassie is a beautiful five and a half-year-old girl from Huainan who is receiving treatment for club feet. Usually gentle, serial casting using the Ponseti method takes about twelve months, but Cassie is a special case because she also has Larson’s Syndrome, which affects her knees as well. Cassie couldn’t bear any weight on her legs prior to a knee surgery and her casting, so she spent her days lying in her crib. She has been at the casting facility for two years following surgery on her knees and is doing very well. Because of Cassie’s extended stay, she is on our website for sponsorship to cover her additional expenses. She is doing so well that we do not want to send her back to her orphanage until we are sure her feet will not regress.

Cassie prior to Ponseti casting

We just received photos of a new baby from Fuyang in need of club foot casting as well. We would like to move this precious little girl to begin her casting as soon as possible, but we can’t do that until Cassie’s expenses have been fully covered. This new baby certainly is not in grave danger if she needs to wait a while, but we do like to start casting as young as possible for the best, long-term outcome possible.  Children can survive with club feet, a condition which doesn’t jeopardize their health like a heart defect. But we have seen club foot casting dramatically improve children’s lives.  Cassie is a perfect example. She would still be lying in a crib, unable to bear any weight on her legs, without her surgery and casting instead of being the dazzling, happy little girl she is today.

Please consider helping with Cassie’s funding so we can give this same opportunity to our new Fuyang baby girl. Thank you to our sponsors who give these children with club feet the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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