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Catching Up With LWB Graduates

This past weekend I was honored to be able to speak in San Francisco at the Northern California FCC event for Chinese New Year. It was wonderful to meet Consul General Gao Zhansheng and to see his obvious love for the children who had been adopted from China. I also was overjoyed to meet several kids who are “LWB graduates.”

Many of you might remember “Sophie” – the beautiful little girl helped by our medical program and featured on our blog. Her mom hit so many roadblocks on the path to adopting her but never gave up as she knew they were meant to be together. After spending just a few moments with them, it was obvious this was the case.

I also got to meet “Mary” from our foster care program in Anhui (see her front and center in the photo below).

Just look at her now! She has grown into such a beautiful young lady.

Another child that took my breath away was one we knew as baby Wan. I absolutely couldn’t believe when I saw her again. When she first came into our hands, she was a TINY infant with severe heart disease. She was so very sick and traveled many hours to the cardiac hospital with a nanny giving her oxygen the entire time. I stood there giving thanks for her beautiful life as she is now a healthy preschooler with unlimited energy, spreading sunshine as she runs every which way.

It is often so easy to think that providing healing care to an orphaned child is a one-time event in his or her life. We learn of a child with a heart defect, for example, and we do our very best to give that child a second chance through surgery. However, as I stood there this past weekend meeting children who were in our programs in China, I realized that helping a child in need at any one moment in time can impact lives for generations to come. To be able to see the children we first met in orphanages, now happy and completely loved by their families, is a gift that is hard to describe. And so today, I just want to give special thanks to all of you who help support our programs. You have changed so many lives – and have helped countless families experience the blessings of adoption.

~Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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