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Catching Up with the Kids in Sanmenxia Foster Care

Foster care allows orphaned children to live in a family setting as opposed to institutional care. In our foster care program in Sanmenxia, Henan province, these children are integrated into the lives of the families they live with while they wait for permanent families of their own.

We’re so glad that kids like Deacon can be surrounded and cared for by members of their foster family.

Tucker keeps his foster granny on her toes as he kicks off his shoes to run around barefoot. She has fostered many children, however, and we can see that Tucker is no match for her years of experience with lively little ones.

Miller‘s foster family takes him out and about in the city of Sanmenxia as they do their daily errands.

It looks like one of the highlights of running errands is getting to ride in this big yellow duck.

Daniel and his foster mom are very close. Daniel is an active boy who loves to be hugged and cuddled. (Daniel is waiting for adoption).

Westin and Shane take great joy in each other’s company and enjoyed visiting each other when their foster families got together. (Shane is also waiting for adoption).

Paulina’s foster family often takes her on outings around town.

Recently, they visited a garden, and Paulina got to touch and smell the flowers in bloom.

Deacon has the chance to make friends with other children in the neighborhood.

Can you even imagine the mischief these two boys could dream up?

Meet little Lukas. He is two years old and brand new to our foster care program. We can’t wait to see what adventures he has with his foster family in the coming months.

Each child shown here needs a sponsor to help support their foster care placement. Foster care sponsorships are $40 per month, and sponsors receive monthly reports with photos.

Please consider helping one of these children to grow up in a family environment and becoming a part of their story. It’s a gift that can last a lifetime.

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