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At the Forefront of Foster Care in India

In many countries around the world, the standard practice for children who are abandoned or relinquished is to place them into institutional care. Long-term stays in orphanages, however, can lead to both physical and emotional harm to a child. There is plenty of research on the topic of course, but all of us at LWB have seen firsthand the difference it makes in a child’s life when they are instead given the opportunity to be raised in family-based care.

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Foster Brothers Asher and Zeke

Last September, two little boys entered the same foster family. Asher was five years old, and Zeke was three. These two boys are not related by blood, but they have become extremely close and are definitely brothers in their hearts!

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Introducing Twins Lizzie and Sawyer

Twins Sawyer and Lizzie were born late last summer. After their parents were no longer able to care for them, they entered our Cambodia Foster Care program when they were three months old along with their older brothers Henry and Howard. Although Sawyer is the first-born of the twins, Lizzie has him beat on size. We love her extra baby rolls!

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Springtime for Roberta

Roberta has been a resident of LWB foster care and on-site family care off and on since she was 4 years old and has been eligible for adoption for many years. We have just learned that there is a family hoping to bring her home at last!

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Faces of Foster Care: Momma N

As the whole world shares the weight of a pandemic, the truth that love has no boundaries has never rung truer. There is a collective ache we feel, a grief we share, from the United States to India, and from China to Uganda. Hard stories abound, and no country is spared. Nevertheless, beautiful stories abound as well, because we also carry collective compassion and collective hope. Running in tandem alongside all the challenges are brilliant light and many illustrations of great humanity and love for others.

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Safe Haven Foster Care: Pandemic Update

Love Without Boundaries’ Safe Haven foster care program works in the field of anti-trafficking.  We are so grateful to all of our supporters who make this important program of refuge possible.  It’s a real comfort to know that all of the children in this program are being cared for safely at their foster homes during the global pandemic. While the schools are currently closed, the education of the children in our Safe Haven foster care program is still going strong. Thanks to donors’ generosity, all students in our program went home with activity books, paper, pencils, and anything else we could source.

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Over Christmas, my kids had a laugh-filled night remembering some of the rare times I’d gone “full Mama Bear” when they were being bullied. I kept shaking my head and telling them they were highly exaggerating the actual facts, but inside I was happy that they definitely seemed to know I’d be there for them no matter what. That’s the beauty of a caring family, isn’t it? That we’d do everything possible to help each other in times of need.

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Swim Day for Cambodia Foster Care

Every quarter, the children in our Cambodia foster care program head to the swimming pool for a much-anticipated Swim Day. The children in our foster care programs, who range in age from 1 to 14 years old, have known true hardship. All of the children in this program have sadly experienced trauma, and we know the importance of physical activity to benefit mental health. Swim Day allows the children to be with siblings, friends and foster families in a safe and fun environment, and get to play as kids should.

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Four New Babies

It’s been a busy few weeks for babies! We recently welcomed four new little ones to our LWB program in China. Baby Hayes was the first to arrive. He was born with Down Syndrome this summer and found himself living at an orphanage not long after his birth. His orphanage asked if we could step in to give him extra nurturing to reach key milestones, so he joined our Xiaoxian On-Site Family Care program in mid-December.

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Meeting Ifan

While traveling in China recently, I took the opportunity to take a side trip to meet a very special boy. Ifan had been part of the Love Without Boundaries foster care program since he was a baby. He lived with a wonderful foster family and was particularly close to his foster father. They would work in the courtyard garden and look at cars together. Ifan really loved visiting the neighbors in the small community in which they lived.  Then one year ago, his orphanage recalled all the children back to the institution, and Ifan lost the security of living with the family he loved.

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