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Catey and Ander, Thriving with Special Formula

When a child enters our foster care program, we are concerned with all aspects of their development including how they are growing. Foster care managers visit the children in our programs once a month, and we can closely track their development.  Last spring, our foster care managers and coordinators noticed that Catey and Ander, who had already had cleft repair surgery, still weren’t gaining weight, and so they contacted our Nutrition program for help.

Catey 4.15Catey in April 2015

Sometimes children continue to have difficulty feeding even after surgery. When this happens, we turn to special formula to make every drop count. Although PreNan is a formula often used for premature babies, our staff has found that this formula also helps medically fragile children gain weight. Prenan is easily digested and packed with calories to give babies and sick children the extra boost they need to gain weight and grow. Nutren is another special formula that is calorically dense and a complete nutritional supplement given to children with limited fluid tolerance and increased energy needs.

Ander5.15Ander in May 2015, still unable to sit up on his own.

Thanks to our generous sponsors of the Preemie and Special formula fund, we are able to provide these special formulas which are helping Catey and Ander grow and develop to their greatest potential.

Ander lives in our Changzhi foster care program and receives Nutren. (Well, his foster mother receives it and makes sure that he drinks it, even though she says she sometimes has to hide it in other food as he is a fussy eater and isn’t too fond of the taste!)  He has finally begun to gain weight, and we are so proud that he is now strong enough to sit up on his own.

Ander 7.15

Catey lives in our Huainan foster care program and drinks PreNan. She is clearly thriving — look at that big cheeky smile!

Catey 8.15

Please help us provide this high-quality formula to other medically fragile children like Ander and Catey. It makes a world of difference!

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