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Catey: Look At Her Now!

In August 2014, a baby girl was born in Anhui province with a cleft lip and palate and an umbilical hernia. We named her Catey and welcomed her to our Anhui Healing Home.

When she was four months old, Catey had surgery to repair her cleft lip.

Soon after, she graduated to our Huainan foster care program. With her palate still open, Catey struggled to feed well, and she wasn’t gaining the weight we were hoping for.

We provided Nutren, a specialized high-calorie formula, to Catey’s foster parents, and it helped her gain some much-needed weight.

Once Catey’s palate was repaired the following year, we discovered that the Nutren was helping her to thrive in other ways, and our Nutrition sponsors made it possible for us to be able to provide it for her.

Our foster care program provided a blender to Catey’s foster family to help them prepare nutritious food for her as she transitioned away from Nutren.

Catey has been a “late bloomer” with her development, but her foster mother has been working with her on speaking slowly and clearly and gaining physical strength and independence. We all celebrated when she began taking her first steps, and now at age three she is climbing the playground equipment and walking around her neighborhood independently!

Catey has come so far since her time in our Healing Home. We have to credit both her foster family as well as her sponsors for making the specialized care — and specialized nutrition — possible for this sweet girl.

Way to go, Catey! We can’t wait to see what else you are going to accomplish as you continue to thrive.

We’ve heard the wonderful news that Catey’s orphanage is preparing her adoption file, and we can’t wait to see her with a permanent family of her own!

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