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Cayden: Against All Odds

In February, we received a call from an orphanage who had a baby in severe distress struggling to survive.  He had a large laryngeal cyst on his neck and was struggling to breathe and swallow. We immediately took him to the hospital and named him Cayden.


Following surgery and treatment for a nagging respiratory infection that he couldn’t shake, Cayden finally joined our Heartbridge Healing Home in mid-March. Cayden was very small and weak and didn’t have many reserves in his little body to fight off another infection.

At seven months old, he weighed just six pounds. Our nannies devised a treatment plan that involved frequent small feedings of specialized PreNan preemie formula and lots of rest.


Against all odds, Cayden began to grow stronger. We were concerned that he might need a feeding tube, but during his first three weeks at Heartbridge he valiantly put on 14 ounces!

2015-04 Cayden (4) (1)

Cayden began taking an interest in the many fascinating things happening around him at Heartbridge. As he grew more and more pink, the nannies gradually got him used to some mild exercise. This exercise routine where his nanny held him chest-to chest and reclined slightly was a modified form of tummy time to help him learn to use his neck and trunk muscles without burning too many calories (as he didn’t have many to spare!)

Before long, Cayden was on the floor for tummy time with the rest of his Heartbridge buddies.  Cayden has been packing on the pounds (five in just two months) and now has actual dimples!


As you can see, Cayden is becoming very interested in the world around him. He loves being gently teased and hugged by his nannies and demonstrates his joy with lots of giggles, smiles, and baby babbles.


We couldn’t be happier to see him happy and healthy after the struggles of this spring. What a turnaround for this tiny warrior!


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