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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day With Us!

Gerri 2 2.16

Like Gerri, we are excited to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day today!  March 21, or 3-21, has been designated as a day to bring awareness to the wonderful children around the world who live each day with a third copy of chromosome 21 in Trisomy-21, the most common form of Down Syndrome.


Please join us as we feature a few of the precious faces of children with Down Syndrome across our programs.

Mateo 1.16Mateo (Tongren foster care)

Roberta 3.16Roberta (Xiaoxian foster care)

Timothy and Willow 1.16Timothy, hugging his foster sister Willow (Qiandongnan foster care)

Niamh 2.16Niamh (Dingyuan foster care)

Sue 2.16Sue (Sanmenxia foster care)

Jeni 9.15Jeni (Xinzhou foster care)

Titus 2.16Titus (Qiandongnan foster care)

William 2.16William (Shantou foster care)

Piper 1.16Piper (Sanmenxia foster care)

Alan 2.16Alan (Shantou foster care)

Dominic 1.16Dominic (Xinzhou foster care)

Orphanages across China are placing more children with Down Syndrome into foster care, and we are thrilled that they, too, recognize their potential and ability to become accepted members of a community — and a family.

We also have several babies with Down Syndrome who are thriving in our medical and healing homes programs.

Joy 3.16Joy  (Heartbridge Healing Home)

Auden 2 3.16Auden (Anhui Healing Home)

Sterling 3.7.16Sterling (Anhui Healing Home)

Val 3.16Val (Medical Program)

Last but not least, we have some incredible children who rock their extra chromosome each day as part of our Education programs!

Joseph 3.16Joseph (Believe in Me Jinjiang)

Navin 2016Navin ( (Believe in Me Shaoguan)

Alex BIM Shaoguan 2016Alex (Believe in Me Shaoguan)

Sammy BIM Jinjiang 12.15Sammy (Believe in Me Jinjiang)

Felix 2016Felix (Believe in Me Jinjiang)

Best Friends Noelle MiaBest friends Noelle and Mia (Believe in Me Shaoguan)

We celebrate the presence of these children in our programs and in our world!

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