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Celebrating 15 Years of Love: Jaci

2018 is a very special year to all of us at Love Without Boundaries, as we celebrate 15 years of helping orphaned and vulnerable children find the hope and healing they deserve. All through this special anniversary year, we’ll be bringing you updates on some of the children whose lives were changed since our work began in 2003.  We hope as you read their stories over the coming months that you will know just what a difference our incredible LWB supporters have made in the world.  Join with us as we celebrate 15 years of love.

Back in 2004, the government of China launched an unprecedented medical project known as the Tomorrow Plan. This ambitious program would help provide surgeries to thousands of orphaned children with medical needs. Love Without Boundaries was honored to become the first foreign charity to provide funding for the Tomorrow Plan, and we helped arrange the first eight heart surgeries ever done under the program. We chose four children from the Haikou orphanage on Hainan Island and four children from the Shantou orphanage in Guangdong province. The tiniest baby to receive heart surgery was a baby who came to be known as Little Monkey. This beautiful black and white photo of her in the hospital before her operation graced many newspapers in China.

Monkey’s surgery went beautifully, and soon she was back at her orphanage getting lots of good formula and fortified cereal through LWB’s nutrition program.

When Monkey was one, she entered our Believe in Me school program.

We were overjoyed when Little Monkey was adopted in November of 2005. Today we’re excited to bring you an update on this beautiful girl, now known as Jaci, who happens to be one of our very first heart surgery patients.

Jaci is now an 8th grade honor student, adored by her big family, and deeply loved by her teachers and friends.

As you can tell from the above photo, Jaci has a reputation for being a “dog whisperer.”  She loves animals, and her dream for the future is to become a veterinarian. Last September she even delivered a litter of puppies.

We were thrilled to learn that Jaci’s health is wonderful. Besides a yearly heart check, she has no restrictions and in fact is a very talented basketball and soccer player. She loves playing sports with her best friend and sister Jazmin (on the left) who was also an LWB “heart baby” before adoption!

Jaci’s family is filled with a lot of wonderful sisters, a perfect fit for Jaci’s outgoing and spunky personality.

We know you’ll join with us in cheering on Jaci as she works towards her dream of someday attending vet school.  When we think about how far she’s already traveled on her life journey, we know she can achieve anything she sets her mind to!

We’re so grateful to everyone who helps support our medical program. When we get updates on the children we’ve been blessed to help in the past, we realize yet again just what can be accomplished when we come together in love.

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