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Celebrating 15 Years of Love: Jia’s Story

How many of you remember little Jia? This link to a blog post from 2010, To Love Always, To Heal When Possible might remind you.

LWB helped Jia through our medical program 8 years ago, and we wanted to share an update on this little girl’s life. She had been born with a saccrococygeal teratoma, which is ideally resected within days of life; however, Jia was 7½ months old before LWB was called upon to help. We quickly raised the needed funds for her surgery and monitored her healing.

Unfortunately, a year later, Jia’s tumor had returned, and along with it a cancer diagnosis. We were unsure of her prognosis, but we acted to treat her with chemotherapy and more surgery. Jia had a long road ahead of her.

As Jia healed, we continued to update the donors who had funded her medical expenses and rejoiced when we heard the news that China was filing her paperwork for adoption. Two years after LWB began treating Jia, she was adopted by a family from the US. This family had been one of her donors!

Within her family, Jia was able to grow and enjoy life as a child…healed from sickness. She has been able to enjoy normal childhood activities like sliding down slides, decorating a Christmas tree, running in the sprinkler, riding a bike, going to carnivals, and having a pet.

Jia has led an exciting life, and since leaving China six years ago has lived in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.

She also had an extended stay in Uganda while adopting an older sister.

What adventures this sweet girl has had…all possible because her life was saved by donors like you. Jia is seen by oncology yearly and has remained cancer free! Her mother says, “I cannot imagine what her fate could have been had LWB not stepped in to provide her life-saving treatments. She was able to not only live, but as you can see from these pictures…she lives life to the fullest!  I wonder what adventures await the next season of her life.”

Jia’s family is beyond grateful that donors stepped in to provide for their child…even before they knew she would be their child. The love shown by people across the globe to save her life is heart-warming and awe-inspiring.

Thank you for continuing to believe in the mission of LWB and for living our motto that “Every Child Counts”. You have certainly transformed Jia’s life!

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