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Celebrating 2012

While we wish we could post the photo of every child we helped in 2012, we hope you will enjoy this much shorter snapshot of some of the joys of this last year!

In January, we celebrated our Unity Fund, which works to heal poor, rural children so that families can stay together.  HeQing’s father had no financial means to heal his precious daughter’s heart, and we are so grateful to our donors who gave her this second chance at a healthy life.  As you can see, her smile absolutely lit up the hospital ward!

In February, the kids in our programs celebrated Chinese New Year.   At our Jinjiang school, the children in our orphanage school took part in a traditional lantern parade.

In March, we welcomed baby Dolores to our Anhui Healing Home.  This tiny little girl was in need of some serious TLC, which our nannies were more than happy to provide.

In April, our 2012 cleft trip took place in Kaifeng, Henan province.  Forty-nine babies received surgery, giving them the very best chance at finding a permanent home.

In May, we gave thanks that Ander, Francisco, and Julio from our Believe in Me school in Shanxi were given their very first wheelchairs.  Because of this donation, they were able to venture outside of the orphanage and go on their very first field trip with the rest of their classmates.

In June, we loved seeing the excitement of these children from an orphanage in Zhejiang over the gift of new shoes.  Our Orphanage Assistance program supplies clothing, warm blankets, shoes, toys, and more to orphanages across China each year.

In July, we smiled when we saw Will’s serious farming face.  He loves helping his foster grandpa tend the vegetable garden and was quite protective of his hard-earned gourd.   We love that foster care allows orphaned children the chance to grow up experiencing life outside an institution.

In August, we all fell in love with Sierra, who had been found abandoned suffering from a severe case of spinal TB.  This beautiful little girl loved books, so our hospital manager made sure she had a steady supply.  Sierra is now in LWB foster care continuing her medical treatment and has charmed everyone in her neighborhood.

In September, we gave thanks for little Christos, who returned to our healing home in Fujian following his cleft lip surgery looking absolutely beautiful.

In  October, we cheered just how far Tyson had come this year after being found critically ill with multiple emergency needs.  He is absolutely thriving at our Heartbridge Healing Home.

In November, we celebrated National Adoption Month and gave thanks for all the beautiful children we have helped who have been chosen by families this year!

In December, we said prayers of thanksgiving that baby Cadence came through her heart surgery so well.  This gorgeous little girl had a serious heart defect, but thanks to the kindness of people like you…her entire future is now in front of her.

Over 1,000 children’s lives were impacted this year thanks to your support.   THANK YOU for believing that their lives matter, and thank you for working with LWB to bring them the hope they deserve.

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  • Nicole Camhout says:

    It warms my heart to see the good work that you all do. Our paperwork for a speical needs adoption was just sent off on Friday. It is a comfort to hope that our future daugther is receiving the same wonderful care wherever she may be at this time.