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Celebrating College Graduation

Last fall when we we knew there would be twelve students sponsored by LWB’s Mama’s Wish program graduating from college, we hoped that we could find funding to send a family member of each student to graduation to help them celebrate.

Students in the Mama’s Wish program are impoverished or orphaned individuals from rural Tibet, and in this part of China, orphans generally do know some family members. Thanks to the Mama’s Wish supporters, we were able to help each student have a family member attend graduation ceremonies with them.

Meet one of our proud graduates, Wande Cuo. She graduated from Qinhai Medical College with her mother in attendance at graduation. Her mother is so proud of her, and they both enjoyed sharing this exciting time in Wande Cuo’s life. Wande Cuo has taken a volunteer doctor’s position in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province to help her gain experience.

For the most part, the families of these Mama’s Wish students have never gone anywhere outside of their own villages. It was a leap of faith on their part to send their children to us years ago and then again to leave their homes to celebrate their children’s academic achievements. However, the families of these students value education and dream that this will help them to live a better life. Like their families, we also are bursting with pride over the accomplishments of our Mama’s Wish students.

Jody Goering is Mama’s Wish Associate Director for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Illinois, USA with husband Addison and five children. Jody and Addison have one homegrown son and three daughters and a son adopted from China.

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