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Celebrating Small Victories

In September of 2007, a small little girl, whom we affectionately call Miao Miao, arrived at LWB’s Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. Miao suffers from a rare illness called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. She has cycles each month when she becomes so sick that she cannot keep anything down. Because of this, her weight gain has been slow.
On days she is not feeling well, she just lies in bed with the most miserable look in her eyes. On the days she feels better, she is a very social child who believes she is “The Princess of Heartbridge.” I am so excited to share with you that in November Miao had the very best month of her life so far!

She only had one small cycle of vomiting in November and was actually able to put on a little bit of weight. She eats well but is picky about the food she eats. It is reported that if she doesn’t like something, she just tosses it behind her. Also in November, a new piece of medical equipment was donated that makes it easier for Miao’s caregivers to feed her on the days she is not well. Thank you for all you do to help Love Without Boundaries and our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit; you make it possible for us to celebrate the small victories, along with the big ones.

Wendy Petersen
Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit Coordinator

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  • Jennifer says:

    She is absolutely adorable. So glad she is gaining some weight and receiving the care she needs.

  • Lowell Cox says:

    I am new to this website…. I would like to know if this little girl is available for adoption? Does anyone know?
    Lowell & Nicci Cox

  • Yoli says:

    I am so glad that she is much better. It sounds very painful what she has. I would love to adopt her, I wish it was as easy as saying it. Though we are in the process of adopting a third child, it is almost impossible to adopt a pre-identified child.