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Cereal for Children: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

Cereal for Children

LWB’s Nutrition team recently evaluated each of our projects, with the emphasis on making sure that we help the orphanages with the most critical needs. We are closing a few of our nutrition programs as we have determined that several of the orphanages are now in economic areas of China no longer needing our assistance. It is wonderful to know that in some parts of China, the economy has reached a point where the local government can now fully support the children’s needs. However some of the orphanages that we serve still struggle to provide enough food to the children in their care. We wish to expand our help to these orphanages so that we can provide iron fortified cereal, as well as formula, to the children.

Iron is essential to growing children, especially for good brain development. Once babies start to eat more table food than formula, they no longer have a ready source of this important nutrient. We have seen the benefits of quality infant cereal in one of our orphanage programs and would like to expand our cereal program to include children in the other orphanages that we serve.

Won’t you please consider making a one-time or ongoing donation to provide iron fortified cereal to help orphaned children’s nutritional development? Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos of children helped.

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  • Nikki says:

    How can I find out if my daughter’s orphanage is part is part of your nutritional program? She is from Yiyang County SWI in Jiangxi. We would like to give back to those who took care of her.