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Cerys: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Cerys is a wonderful four-year-old girl in our Dingyuan foster care program in Anhui. She is the youngest in her foster family and loves spending time with her foster sister. Cerys has a sweet personality and gets along well with others.  She is great at following rules but loves to be the leader. When she is playing with other children, she wants them all to follow her rules! She has a very competitive side and always strives to be the first, best or fastest at what she does. We have reports of her enjoying role-playing with her foster sister and friends.  With her leadership skills, she probably assumes the role of the teacher!

Cerys is currently attending school, and her teacher tells us she is a very good student.  Cerys is able to draw a circle, triangle and rectangle very well.  She loves to spend time writing and drawing. She can write some Chinese characters including her name and a few numbers.

When she is at home, Cerys has all meals with her foster family. She has a great appetite and is not a fussy eater, loving meat but also soups and vegetables too. She has a lot of variety in her diet and will eat whatever her foster mother gives her.  Her foster mother reports that Cerys has a sense of entitlement being the youngest in the family. If there is an extra piece of candy left over Cerys feels that it should be hers because she is the youngest.

While at home Cerys enjoys riding her tricycle and playing outdoors if the weather is nice. She also likes to swing, climb and skip around, and it is not uncommon for her to sing a familiar tune as she enjoys playtime.

Cerys is in need of a sponsor for $35 a month to support her in foster care. Please consider visiting her sponsor page and supporting her as she experiences the love and guidance that family life offers her.  As a sponsor of Cerys, you will receive monthly updates including photos of her sweet smile (or occasional pouty face)…we love seeing them all and know you will, too!

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