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Chandler: Home At Last!

Not even a week after she was born, we first met Chandler.

Chandler (1)

Chandler was born with complex heart disease. Shortly after her birth, she was taken to the Xiaoxian orphanage in northern Anhui province. LWB has a wonderful relationship with this orphanage, and the director called us right away to see if Chandler could be cared for in our Anhui Healing Home. When she arrived into our hands, she weighed just 3 kg.


As the months passed, Chandler enchanted everyone — nannies, visitors, and supporters alike — with her expressive face.  It was easy to forget that she had a very complex heart condition until those moments when her face and lips would turn a deep blue.  Doctors told us that Chandler needed heart surgery in China in order to survive, and thanks to our wonderful supporters, we were able to make that happen for her.  Although her repair was quite complicated, she came through it with flying colors and was released just a few weeks later.

Our healing home nannies were thrilled to welcome Chandler back, and she continued to thrive in their care. Her nannies told us repeatedly that she was quite clever and curious! She also was a very natural model for our photographer and loved to pose for photos.

Chandler 2.15

Chandler_2014-3-26 (18)

At just over one year of age, Chandler graduated from our Anhui Healing Home and and entered LWB foster care back in Xiaoxian.  Isn’t it easy to see why her foster mom fell so in love with her?

Chandler was able to share that love when she gained a little foster sister this past year — Pearl!

Pearl Chandler foster mom 4.16

We are beyond happy to let you know that just last month, Chandler’s life story added another beautiful chapter. Chandler has now become the treasured daughter of her forever family after being chosen for adoption through China’s waiting child program.

What an honor it has been for us to be a part of this precious child’s life!  We wish her and her new family nothing but happiness together.

We also give thanks to each of you today, for being there for Chandler when she needed help the most.  Love truly does change lives, and you allow us to see the profound impact of your kindness each and every day.

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  • Brett says:

    If we fall in love with these beautiful, brave children, it’s hard to imagine how much their foster families love and will miss them.

    Thank you for the LWB Community stories. I’ve learned more about special needs adoptions from these pages than anywhere else and am grateful for the tone of your advocacy.