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Chandler’s Progress

Tiny Chandler was admitted to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) in spring 2013 at just two weeks of age. Born with a multitude of heart defects, Chandler needed premium care to grow and gain enough strength to have heart surgery to give her a chance at healing. Fortunately, the trained nannies at AHH knew just how to make sure that Chandler got that special care.


As the months went by, Chandler’s personality started to come through with sweet smiles, babbling, and giggles. She began to grow and do the normal things babies do — grabbing toys, rolling, kicking, and wiggling.

Chandler_2013-8-25 (3) (1)

However, as she exerted herself, her heart defects became apparent. She would turn blue and easily became tired. She was also gaining weight very slowly. She needed her heart surgery soon.

Chandler_2013-11-3 (2)

Last October, Chandler had her heart surgery, which went very well. She was weaned off of the ventilator only five days later and was discharged back to AHH in early November. Happily, Chandler was able to recover and spend the cold winter months in the comfort and security of our healing home among her loving nannies and baby “buddies”.

Chandler_2013-9-10 (4)

Chandler’s recovery went well. She soon began to show her social side with lots of smiles and interaction, and her babbling turned to real words. She enjoyed playing with the nannies’ cell phones and wearing their jewelry.

Chandler 2.25.14

She also showed her spunky side with little pranks and games of hide-and-seek. Thirteen months after entering AHH, Chandler graduated into our foster care program.

Chandler2 6.14

Though she is missed greatly by all of us, we are thrilled that Chandler was given the gift of healing and is now receiving the love of her foster family so we can continue to follow her progress!


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