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Last weekend, I was part of a heartwarming project that will benefit the children from LWB’s Believe in Me Kabale school in Uganda. This was a relatively easy project to do with the youth at my church, and one which I believe can have a real impact on both the children at the school in Uganda but also the children here in the U.S. who have been inspired to help.

Thank you to the Abiding Presence Lutheran youth groups for assembling 40 CHANGE FOR CHANGE coin collection jars. Each family took a jar home, and we had some to spare so other families in the congregation could participate in this fundraiser to bring hope to the village.

We had a little lesson on life in Uganda, specifically in Karukoba village. The kids learned that our Believe in Me Kabale school doesn’t just provide an education (which is vital, to be sure) but also helps provide clean water, healthy meals, medical and dental care, and animals through our Sustainable Nutrition program.

We had 16 kindergarten to 2nd graders who were appalled that there were children who had to walk for two hours (the length of a Disney movie) in order to get a drink of water. They asked some pretty pointed questions and had some good questions and thoughts for how to help them with water, such as, “Why don’t they just put the jugs outside and let them catch the rain?” “When it rains and gets slippery I bet it’s faster getting to the bottom of the hill, and more fun, too.”

The children were all so engaged and interested in learning and helping.

The preschoolers helped color the labels for the jars, and the older elementary aged children helped in the assembly. One little girl told her dad on the way out the door that she needed to fill the jar with money – to which he said, “Then you better start doing some chores to earn some!”

Children have the biggest hearts, don’t they?

We will collect the jars in a month or so and let the children decide where to spend the funds. Will it be to sponsor a student? Buy some chickens? Or feed a child? Stay tuned!

While my goal in doing this project was to educate our congregation on the huge need in Uganda, I learned a lot as well. To me, the ripple effect that building a school has had in this community in Karukoba village is a fascinating and exciting thing.

I hope that LWB can truly help this community move forward out of poverty in the years to come and make a positive change in their quality of life!

~Sandi Glass is LWB’s Director of Adoption Support

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