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Change for Change: A Lenten Campaign

In early January, we asked our supporters to consider setting up a Change (Lives) Jar to collect the spare change in your wallet or purse to help orphaned children. One of our dedicated volunteers in Ireland had the wonderful idea of conducting a special Change Jar campaign during the season of Lent.

Lenten love 2.16

If you observe Lent, we invite you to collect your extra change to help fill the tummies of the fragile babies in our healing homes. Funds raised will be dedicated specifically to purchasing formula for babies in our healing homes through our Healing Home Nutrition fund.

We can think of no better example of the importance of the right formula than Auden.

Auden 9.15

Auden arrived into LWB care late in September 2015. He was extremely light for his age and weighed just that of a preemie baby, so we set about investigating what possible digestive problems he might have. Many tests later, we discovered he was somewhat allergic to normal formula and needs a special one to help him gain that much-needed weight.

This specific formula coupled with rice cereal and of course that one-on-one care of his own loving nanny has produced the change we all wanted.

Auden 1.16

A warm nourishing bottle, warm arms around him, and the warm hearts of people who care:  This is love in action.

Would you like to get involved?

Lenten campaign 2016

1. Print out the jar label above (the first photo) and affix to a clean empty container.
2. Involve the family in saving daily – perhaps giving up candy or coffee – and donate the amount saved.
3. Consider taking the jar to your church, Sunday school class, or even Chinese restaurant — be creative!
4. Count the change after Lent and make your donation online, by phone, or by mail.
5. Know you made a real difference to some very special babies.

Thank you so much for your support!

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