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Check out Dorjee’s Report Card

Meet Dorjee, a student in our “Mama’s Wish” education program who is attending the Wuming Charity School of JianZha County in Qinghai Province. Dorjee’s scores soared this semester, including a whopping 115 points on his final exam in Chinese.

The head teacher wrote the following note to Dorjee on his most recent report card:

If you’d climb, there’s no mountain higher than you.
If you’d walk, there’s no road longer than the way under your feet.
Ban Ma, Head Teacher

In his most recent letter to his sponsor, Dorjee credited his success to the woman who has sponsored his education over the past three years, as follows:

Thank you for your kindness that let me feel the warmth of a mother’s love again. My boat of life set sail again owing to the wind of your help. I don’t know how to repay you besides the excellent grades in exams. I can only use my pen, writing on this paper my hearty expressions. Having your financial assistance has made me believe I am the luckiest guy. To hand down this love and luck, I’ll study harder and achieve more in my future study. Wish you a healthy and smooth new year, Dorjee.

We are incredibly proud of Dorjee, who is making the most of the opportunity that has been given to him. In case you’re wondering what his scores were on his other final exams this semester, here they are:

Tibetan 91
English 96
Computer 91
Math 89

Way to go, Dorjee!

Angela Taylor
Mama’s Wish Education Program Consultant

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