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Chef David Matthew

David Matthew‘s summer reports brought smiles to our faces! This amiable ten-year-old seems to have discovered a new passion — for cooking!

David Matthew with his teacher, Miss Deng

On Children’s Day David Matthew’s Believe in Me School in Hunan celebrated with a barbecue. He and the other kids acted as assistants and helped clean vegetables and set the table for the teachers. David Matthew said he loves barbecues because he loves to cook the food himself and invite others to share it with him! He even thinks that it might be fun to become a chef when he grows up.

Although David Matthew isn’t overly interested in crafts, he took the opportunity to create a loaf of “chocolate bread” out of Play-Doh. He made the white bread and then put some chocolate (black Play-Doh) onto the bread, covering its surface. He then invited teachers to have a taste of his food.

Besides his newly discovered interest in cooking, David Matthew has a strong interest in languages. He is the most serious student in the English class and can sing, “The More We Get Together” fluently with excellent pronunciation.

David Matthew is still quite close with Rocky, one of his best friends. However, he gets along with everyone and never takes sides or argues. He is a real to have in class.

David Matthew’s English classes would certainly serve him well if he were to be adopted to an English-speaking family. What a great head start he would have! This serious, kind-hearted boy has been waiting on the shared list for his chance at a family. We have a feeling he would enjoy summer barbecues and could be an excellent sous-chef, working side-by-side along with a mother or father of his own.

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  • Leanne says:

    Has he been adopted? I had our agency CCAI look for him on the shared list and they couldn’t find a match. What info do I need to aid the search?
    Thanks, Leanne Rollins