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Chelsea and Kevin: LWB’s Featured Children of the Week

Chelsea and Kevin are foster siblings in LWB’s Lu’An foster care program. They are both super excited about going to school this year! Chelsea is very outgoing, and if she had her druthers, she’d be outside running and playing. She likes to be close to Kevin, but he is not always quite so enthusiastic about that. Kevin prefers to spend his time playing games with his older brother. He is quiet and sensitive and can sometimes gets his feelings hurt easily. He will hide behind a door when that happens.

This sweet sibling pair really enjoy school. Kevin was thrilled to meet his classmates, and he is doing very well academically and socially. Chelsea is learning more and more each day. She is using her expanding vocabulary to speak in sentences now…and she does like to talk!

Our wish is that Kevin and Chelsea can continue to progress and succeed in school, but they need your help. We need sponsors for their education. Your sponsorship of $20 per month will let you celebrate their achievements and be a part of their success as you receive quarterly updates and photos. Thank you for considering to help these two foster siblings!

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